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our policy

We take your privacy very seriously at Hummus Labs. We do not collect any form of personalized data, and we don't ever intend to. Frankly, we have nowhere to store your personal data and we have no use for it either. We are strong supporters of user data privacy. In our opinion no person, entity, or country should be collecting your personal user data to exploit or share with a third party. We have no intentions of doing such. Your personal data should always belong to you.

However, we do utilize Google Analytics to measure engagement with our website. We do not transmit, distribute, or sell your engagement data to third parties. Mostly because we don't want to, but we really have no way of uniquely identifying any of our users anyhow. That requires the use of cookies. We do not utilize cookies. Rest assured that we don't want or need to individually track you. We respect you too much to force cookies down your throat. Try our Hummus instead.

what is personalized data?

Personalized data is exactly what it sounds like; it is very personal user data. Examples would be your email address, first name, last name, phone number, social media handle (example. @hummuslabs), address, or your GPS coordinates. We don't collect or measure any of this data. As previously stated, your personal data should always belong to you and only you.

what is engagement?

Engagement is the way in which a user interacts with the content of our website. An example would be the quantity of users visiting our website that navigate to the menu page. Another example would be the quantity of visitors accessing our website from mobile browsers as opposed to desktop browsers. If most of our users are visiting us on mobile browsers then we may consider making changes to our design to suit touch screen usability. Measuring engagement data provides us some insight into how we can improve our website design and user experience.

what is google analytics?

Google Analytics is a platform that provides us engagement insight into what features of our website visitors find the most useful. Analytics help us improve user experience. Below are the only forms of engagement we measure.

What pages are visited and how frequently? 

(example. home, menu, about) 

What links are clicked and how frequently?  

(example. download menu(pdf), order, find us on maps) 

Where do visitors come from geographically? 

(example. city, state, province or country) 

How do visitors access our website?

(example. mobile or desktop browser)

What are our visitors' language preferences?

(example. English, French, Arabic)

We do not track individual users. Our only interest in measuring engagement data with our website is that we have the insight to provide ease of access and the best user experience possible to all of our visitors.